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Vestem Soft Blue Gradient Sexy Workout Leggings


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SKU: FS405.001_VEST_AZUL_MCategories: FITNESS, Fitness - Leggings
* A beautiful white to blue gradient resembling clouds makes it easy and fashionable to look at while also providing comfort to the body while worn.
* Stretchy and flexible fabric makes these leggings useful for physical activities that also prevent you from any form of discomfort.
* Casual enough to be combined with your current tops to create a wonderful outfit making these leggings useful for more than just exercise.
* Designed to complement the woman's legs when worn to make you feel more confident and sexy while seen in them.
* Can be worn for multiple purposes such as yoga, exercise, physical sports, and day to day activities.
* Made from 85% polyamide and 15% elastane.
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