Lingerie Costumes

The human being is a curious being, who likes to experience unusual situations when it comes to sex. So, trying out new ideas and testing your imagination can be the key to warming up a new relationship to break the ice, or even an old one where intimacy has cooled down. Believe me, this experience can be more fun than it sounds!

Lingerie Costumes: Why wear sexy costumes?

When you're in a bed between four walls, there's no limit for imagination. You can be what you are not, or you can be what you are intimately but never revealed to anyone. You can be a curious student, you can be the naughty cop, or even a bunny.

Here are some ideas regarding sexy costumes for women:

- Student costume

Want to get back to school days in a spicier way? Then, this costume is just perfect for that, maybe your partner might be the football player... who knows.

- Bunny Costume

Classic fantasy and surely must have passed through the imagination of several men out there.

- Bridal Costume

This one is another classic and can be completed with a robe. Celebrities as Mariah Carey and Kourtney Kardashian have already dressed up as sexy brides at past parties.

- Sexy Cat Costume

What man has never fantasized about Batman's comic book companion? Well, with this costume, maybe you can help it come true!

- Santa costume

What to give to your partner for Christmas? How about a sexy Santa costume to surprise him on eve night?

- Police Costume

The cop costume can be complemented with handcuffs and make the look even more complete. Some celebrities like Paris Hilton, Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera once dressed as sexy cop on Halloween.

Costumes for Halloween

The Halloween as we all know nowadays is a mixture of celebrations and customs from diverse different cultures. Just to sum up, it was originated in an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain. It was celebrated on October 31st by the natives of Great Britain on the same night, when they believed the souls of the dead roamed the Earth.

The idea of wearing costumes came on this date when the veil that separates the living world from the beyond disappeared for a few hours. In order to hide from evil spirits which could bring misfortune, the Celts used to dress hideous masks and animal skins.

A habit created in the Middle Ages was to knock on the door and ask for treats. The poorest made processions to the homes of the wealthiest families, promising to pray for the souls of their deceased relatives in exchange for anything that might quench their hunger. Later, this custom started to be carried out mainly by children.

As time went by, Halloween became more casual and lost its religious character. Instead of offering prayers, people started to return any offering, like fruit, nuts or coins, with a presentation. They used to sing songs, recite poems, tell jokes, or even perform some little trick. And they used to do all of it in costumes. And that’s how the seeds of modern Halloween were planted.

Wearing sexy costumes for Halloween is a current trend and can make the celebration fun.

With that said, check out ideas below from our collection of sexy costumes for Halloween!

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