Crotchless Panties

Lingerie made its way into many women’s closets. Throughout the year we repurposed lingerie and made it fit into whatever we desired.

Lingerie is no longer exclusivity of intimate wear, but a fashion statement. Nowadays various pieces of lingerie are used to express personality and sensuality through diverse outfits.

Bodysuits are welcomed as a top to any pants or skirt! Women wear these pieces like any other jacket they have in their closet, and the trend is only growing popular by the time.

With that said, the lingerie industry had to reinvent what they called fashion. When we search online there are MILLIONS, literally millions, of options to choose from. There’s no surprise that it is a market that only tends to grow.

What is a surprise is the crotchless lingerie! They are not only sexy, but they’re also innovative.

Women around the world seek beauty and comfort and that’s where they fall in love with crotchless lingerie.

If you read so far, you are probably dying to know more about this popular and SEXY item. Wait no longer, here’s all you need to know about crotchless fashion lingerie.

What is Crotchless Lingerie and why wear them?

That’s is a great and super valid question! Crotchless lingerie can vary in so many ways, but what will always be present is a crotchless area on the piece. Usually, crotchless underwear is panties with a wide opening at the bottom, which shows more skin than a conventional undie would, and that’s the magic behind crotchless pieces!

In general, crotchless lingerie pieces with revealing openings. There are tons of options, and you will most certainly find the one that works just right for you.

Okay, now that we know what crotchless undies are, there’s still one question lingering: why would you choose to wear crotchless lingerie? Any type of crotchless wear can be key to spicing things up with your partner and getting off of the routine. If you let them know you’re wearing a crotchless piece, they will go crazy for you! Trust me, there’s nothing more inciting than letting your partner know that you have extra plans for the night. You can explore different fantasies and kinks around crotchless lingerie since there are many possibilities when wearing one.

Because crotchless lingerie has a wide opening, they can come very in handy! The extra airflow down there can be very beneficial, and having easy access to your most sensitive parts can be useful when changing a tampon or menstrual cup in a public bathroom. It lowers the drama and difficulty of the whole process.

Because this lingerie is crotchless it also allows your partner easy access to you, which can be turned into a lot of fun if you choose to go about that.

Just make sure to wear these lingerie pieces wisely! Don’t get in trouble, if you know what I mean.

Now to the fun part! What are some options for crotchless lingerie?

As I mentioned before, there are several styles and designs of crotchless lingerie! It can get hard when it comes to choosing the perfect piece for you, so here’s some inspiration before you run to your favorite lingerie department;

Crotchless Bodysuit

Bodysuits are very sexy and a great choice for any-body type! Crotchless bodysuits can come in many forms, with an opening on the bottom, or even at the breasts. There is no rule and it is all up to you.

Body suits are a great option if you are shy or not in the mood to reveal every bit and part of your body. But don’t worry about looking “too” boring, or boring at all! The crotchless design will make you feel like a goddess, and whoever’s near you will notice that too.

Crotchless Bras

You probably didn’t even think about this possibility, did you?! But you can bet on a crotchless bra for an extremely hot night! Crotchless bras are perfect if you want to go wild and tease your partner.

Usually, this type of piece will come with the metal support but have o cup at all to cover your breasts, leaving them exposed. If you want to add a little flair to it, you can always play around with nipple stickers to make your night truly fun.

Crotchless Undies

There are SO many undies that can come crotchless! From tongs to G-strings, there is an option for you.

I personally love wearing crotchless panties because they are so comfortable! They make day-to-day life extra fun.

Maybe not a great idea to pair with jeans, so pick your skirt and go.

Crotchless lingerie is great and full of perks. If you are still a little intimidated by it, don’t be! You won’t go back once you own a pair. So, go ahead and find your perfect crotchless piece for a perfect sexy night.

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