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Vestem Black Cire Shin Meshed Hips Fashion Crossfit Legging


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SKU: FS417.001_VEST_ROXA_MCategories: FITNESS, Fitness - Leggings
* Keep your workouts long and relaxing with this pair of muscle compressed leggings.
* Prevents from any distraction of discomfort that normal CrossFit leggings propose with its perfect body fit fabrics.
* Proven to lessen the stress to the muscles and in doing so helps to increase the duration and outcome of each workout routine.
* Perfect for more than just a good workout, these fashionable leggings can also be used for yoga.
* With Bi-elastic technology, these leggings stretch with you making them not only stylish but also comfortable. Feel confident wearing them wherever you may take them.
* Made with 76% polyamide and 24% elastane.
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