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Oxyfit Network Back Designed Outwear Bodysuit


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SKU: 29044_OXYF_PRET_MCategories: FALL COLLECTION, FITNESS, Fitness - Bodysuits
* Amazing quality fabric that is designed to prevent rubbing, riding up, or any form of awkward discomfort for a comforting fit to the body;
* Flexible enough to be worn for activities such as yoga but also has high functionality for extreme exercise uses as well;
* Cross cut detailed design on the back of the bodysuit makes for an appealing design but also allows air to flow to the body making this bodysuit high in breathability;
* Pads that can be easily removed or inserted come with this stylish sports bra so you can customize it to fit your level of comfort and desire;
* Made with 90% polyamide and 10% elastane.
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