Garota Fit Win Like A Champ Workout Tights


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* One size fits 2-10;
* Fun pink mesh cut-outs add a daring style to these classic leggings and offer a girly, flirtatious vibe;
* Fabric forms to the shape of your legs for compression during training that offers support, helps slim down your figure, and gives great shape to your legs and waist;
* Breathable choices in the design style help fight off sweat, rash, bunching, and chafing during training and workouts for a comfortable session;
* Flexible fabric increases mobility, energy, and helps you maintain full activity during training;
* Special Garota Fit emblem printed on the elastic waistband gives a new appeal to the fun fashion, keeping your look fresh and new;
* Made with 84% polyamide and 16% elastane.
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