Sexy Lingerie sets

The first sets of lingerie appeared in ancient Greece, where the panties looked like cloth diapers and the bras were just cloths attached to the chest.  

Lingerie had almost no evolution until the late 19th century when corsets appeared.  At that time, comfort was not a concern, so often women use pieces so tight that they compressed their organs making them feel sick and even in some cases it led to death.

Sexy Lingerie sets: Just as the lingerie set, panties had a significant change after the first war, which was when the beauty standards began to change and the lingerie set changed along with it, at that time the pieces were much lighter and did not influence the fit of clothing. 

But lingerie, as we know it today, was only evident in the 80s, when they started to mix with clothes, shorts decreased and started to be called hot pants, bras were used outside their shirts and it was no longer a  taboo talking about lingerie.  In the 90s, the bras started to highlight women’s features, increasing the amount of production of sexy and beautiful lingerie.

Nowadays the lingerie set has so many options and models, fabrics, colors, comfort and cut that I came to teach you how to choose the ideal setting for your body without losing comfort and the power of seduction, but first I will give you a pro tip: Understand your body, see which model values ​​your curves the most.  TRY IT ON!  Don't be ashamed to go to lingerie stores and try on various models, this allows you to feel the fabric, see how the piece looks on you and allowing yourself to try new things. Doing this will give you more confidence and a sense of power.

How to choose a lingerie set

The secret here is always to research trends and be attentive to what's new, this market is innovative and you should use this to your advantage, that is, search for sets online or go to big stores.  And don't forget that in addition to buying lingerie to please your boo, you are buying a piece that will bring out your sensuality, increase your self-esteem, and consequently this will improve your relationship.

Don't be afraid to be creative and try new things!  If the intention is to please your partner ask for his opinion, ask which piece he would desire for you so you don't have to be afraid of making mistakes during the time of surprise and, communication brings the couple even more together.

Don't be afraid to be creative and try new things!  If the intention is to please your partner ask for his opinion, ask which piece he would desire for you so you don't have to be afraid of making mistakes during the time of surprise and, communication brings the couple even more together.


Usually, this is a set with a loose top and sexy panties, but it is not always sold as a set (and yes, you can find only the top and make a set with panties you already own).

The babydoll is that set that is synonymous with sensuality and beauty, since generally, its pieces are made of lace, always with a lot of transparency, designs and cuts that value your body.  This piece combines the comfort of a nightgown with the sensuality of a lingerie set, this makes it a perfect setting for hot nights with your love.

Lingerie set with lace

This model is what makes any piece sexier since the lace is the fabric with which the set is made, you can find with several models of panties and bras.  Talking about all lace models is practically impossible, as any lingerie model can be made of lace and other solid colors.  So I will help you choose the ideal lace model for your body or for a special night: first of all think about the occasion, the lace models are great wild cards in the wardrobe, as they are comfortable, and extremely sexy.

If you intend to surprise your love with a sensual night and you are in doubt which lingerie set to use my tip is: choose a set with at least one lacy piece and bet on accessories to compose the set, use garter belts,  search for lingerie sets online and if you are unsure about the chosen model go to stores and look for similar sets, so you can get a brief sense of how the lingerie will look on your body.

Lingerie set with corselet

The corselet combines the function of the bra and corset in one piece, that is, in addition to supporting and providing security, it also values ​​your breasts, adjusts and refines your waist.  This piece, besides being very famous for lavishing sensuality, is also famous for having lace models with or without ties.

If you want to spice up the relationship with your boo, but do not have the habit of using more daring pieces, you can combine the sensuality of the corselet with the comfort of lace panties with a slightly larger back.  The good thing about this model is that you can vary the panties to be more comfortable and you can complement with high knee socks so the set is comfortable and remains sexy for your partner.

Lingerie corset set with thong

You already know that thongs are very sexy and versatile panties, so you can combine it with a corset and create a seductive ensemble.  This combination in addition to spice up the relationship for two will make you more sensual bringing a feeling of power and uniting all of this to the comfort that panties provide.

This set is sure to seduce you, if you're in doubt about what to wear or don't even know how to spice your relationship, even more, bet on the corset with the thong, this lingerie set can be worn alone and remain sexy or can be worn together to a  thigh garter.  The question is: is this lingerie set is the ideal choice to spice up your moments together?

Find out if it’s comfortable for you and if it is, just go for it.

Bra and panty set

When it comes to bras it is almost impossible to talk about all models, this piece is reinvented with each passing day and I can say that there is the perfect bra for every situation.  With a hook on the front, double hook, traditional hook, lace, with a form, without a form, with back support ... And if I kept talking about all the varieties of this piece I could write another article, but today I came to help you choose a sexy combination that can surprise your boo and at the same time make you comfortable and powerful.

If you are thinking that to make a sexy surprise you need to invest a lot in sets and accessories I will show you that it is not true, since, nowadays the lingerie market is extremely wide and therefore there are options for panties and bras that will leave any man breathless.

Talking about possible combinations of panties and bras is not as easy as going to the store and choosing them so I will help you get those combinations right.  Always keep in mind the occasion for which you are choosing the set.  The first tip is about the fabric, when making the combinations try to choose the same fabric for the top and bottom and never forget to try the pieces to know how they will look on your body.  If your intention is to surprise the guy with a sexy outfit, but with simpler pieces, my tip is: GET CREATIVE!  You will not know what wears best on your body if you do not dare with new pieces, look for models that will enhance your body.  Identify the shape of your breast and buy a piece that will enhance it, after all, no matter how much you buy the piece thinking only of the surprise you intend to make, it is always good to remember that afterward you will continue owning the bra so choose a piece that value that part of your breast and that you can use more than once.

The most important thing when choosing a lingerie set is not to stick to patterns, try everything you feel like, there is no right and wrong.  Do not be afraid of pieces that look very bold, after all, you are already a sexy woman who is looking for lingerie that makes you feel more desired and that surprises your partner.

It is always good to remember that choosing the perfect lingerie is one to be a fun task and that is precisely why some lingerie stores serve you drinks during this process.  Do not forget that before pleasing your partner using the lingerie set you chose to please yourself, so on the day of the purchase take some time for yourself and do something you like, this in addition will relax you and make a good and fun time for yourself.

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