Oxyfit Full Black Athleisure Bodybuilding Leggings


SKU: 64062_OXYF_PRET_LCategories: FITNESS, Fitness - Leggings
* Simplistic all back leggings designed to remain stylish while also offering maximum comfort preventing any distractions due to irritability;
* Perfectly fits any body type and slimming the legs while drawing attention to the waist so you can not only feel good but also look good;
* Flexible material made to move and bend just as much as your legs do without causing more stress to the body that other leggings might pose;
* Designed to prevent chafing, rubbing, and bunching in awkward and uncomfortable areas of the body allowing you to get the most of any form of exercise;
* Durable enough to be worn for long periods of time making them a perfect multipurpose pair of leggings to wear.
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