Colcci Fitness Full Black Shin Meshed Workout Pants

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SKU: 002.57.00218_COLC_PRET_MCategories: FITNESS, Fitness - Leggings
* Mesh opening on the front of each leg offers maximum breathability and allows air to keep the body cool and refreshed;
* Mostly black leggings with a simple design that aims to stay stylish while also offering maximum comfort preventing any distractions caused by irritation;
* Tight to fit around the thighs and waist to highlight your body and bring out the best in you while also remaining comfortable;
* Designed to prevent discomfort from chafing, rubbing, bunching, and any other awkward distractions that most workout pants cause;
* Composition made with 71% polyamide and 29% elastane. Details made with 89% polyamide and 11% elastane.
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