Caju Brasil Fashion Emana Laser Workout Leggings


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* Legging with mixture of fabric and laser cut details on the sides;
* EMANA SPORT is a product developed with technology Amni EMANA containing mineral infrared emitters a (IVL), which penetrate the skin causing biostimulation. Its main attributes in physical activity are:
* Improved physical performance to promote faster thermal equilibrium: the improvement of microcirculation, heat distribution on the skin surface is more homogeneous, accelerating heat dissipation and thermal balance of the body in physical activity;
* Increased income and muscular endurance: increased microcirculation contributes to a lower accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle, reducing muscle fatigue;
* Greater storage capacity and energy transport: increased production of ATP, a molecule important for safekeeping and transport of energy in the human body;
* Composition: 84% Polyamide ' 16% Elastane.
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