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Vestem Shady Gray Gradient Strappy Chest Sexy Bodybuilding Jumpsuit


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SKU: MAC133.001_VEST_CINZ_MCategories: FITNESS, Fitness - Jumpsuits
* A smooth gradient from top to bottom of a grayish blue to a whitish color makes this jumpsuit very appealing to the eyes and trendy.
* The back of the jumpsuit is held together by thin fabric leaving most of the skin exposed for a fashionable yet cool feeling throughout the day.
* It complements the body of any woman for a sexy and confident look during your entire day without discomfort.
* Pads that are easily removed if it's desired, allowing the wearer to decide how they want to look in the jumpsuit.
* Cire fabric adds to the appeal of this suit.
* Made with 85% polyamide and 15% elastane.
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