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Vestem Black Strappy Back Classy Outdoors Bodysuit


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SKU: BD68.001_VEST_PRET_MCategories: FALL COLLECTION, FITNESS, Fitness - Bodysuits
* Strut this trendy bodysuit around during any workout or outdoor activity and be the catch of everyone's eyes.
* Fabric offers soft and comfortable touch to the body of the wearer making it an ideal choice in attire over other bodysuits.
* With its fashionable appearance use it for more than just exercise, great for combining with your casual day to day clothes.
* The back of the suit is held together by thin fabric leaving most of the back exposed for a stylish yet cooling feeling throughout the day.
* A strapless suit with a collar in place instead which offers a more comfortable feel.
* Made with 90% polyamide and 10% elastane.
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