Vestem Black Cire Meshed Hips Fashion Workout Tights


SKU: FS417.002_VEST_PRET_LCategories: FITNESS, Fitness - Leggings
* If you feel strong and confident on the inside now, you can own leggings that can express that as well!
* The black color allows them to match and compliment almost any top piece attire chosen to wear with these.
* Prevents chaffing, strain, and tension for a longer and more comfortable workout every time you enter the gym.
* Fabric that is crafted to pull and stretch with every activity you chose to do to so you never feel like you're being held back from hitting your true potential.
* These leggings are multipurpose being able to support and hug your body through a nice yoga session as well.
* Made with 85% polyamide and 15% elastane.
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