Oxyfit Lift High Performance Pink Sports Bra


SKU: 27082_OXYF_ROSA_LCategories: FITNESS, Fitness - Sports Bra
* Have a say in how your bust is supported with easy to remove padding making this innovative bra perfect for all around uses;
* The bright hot pink color that adds a bit of fun into your regimen but remaining easy to wash and wear again for each workout;
* Thin stripped crossover pattern on the back of the bra leaves extra room for the skin adding a more breathable and cooler element to wearing this sports bra;
* Form fits around the chest comfortably but still is flexible enough to move with your body so you can stay focused during training;
* Prevents pinching of the skin, so you aren't forced to endure any sort of discomfort;
* Made with 88% polyamide and 12% elastane.
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