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Garota Fit Sweat Is Magic Black Workout Sports Bra


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SKU: TGA05-A_GFIT_PRET_UCategories: FITNESS, Fitness - Sports Bra
* One size fits 2-10;
* Simplistic but classic design matches anything, looks and feels great, and stays fitted to your bust with style and ease;
* No padding in the chest, offers support through it's swimsuit style trim and thick, taunt fabric and wide lower waistband;
* Printed GarotaFit emblem adds a bit of design to the solid black sports bra;
* Flexible, light-weight, and doesn't dig into your shoulders so it can be worn comfortably all day long;
* Thick shoulder straps connect to a wide cross over back for a bra that won't move around or bunch uncomfortably so you can stay focused;
* Made with 90% polyamide and 10% elastane.
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