Garota Fit Go Lift Fashion Workout Leggings


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* One size fits 2-10;
* Unique leggings designed with quality materials and excellent design choices made for comfort, support, and increased activity during training;
* Breathable style with mesh cut-outs swirling around the legs keeps you cool and minimizes sweat and heat rash;
* Support is offered through the taunt materials and helps keep your legs protected;
* Thick, flexible fabric helps keep you on track and ready to move without the annoyance of bunching or chafing slowing you down;
* Garota Fit emblem printed across the waistband gives an eye-catching twist to the style, keeping your look neat and trendy;
* Special elastic waistband was crafted specially with comfort and movement fluidity in mind;
* Made with 84% polyamide and 16% elastane.
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