Colcci Fitness Meshed Thighs Cire Shin Fashion Crossfit Legging

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$74.90 $74.00
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* Simplistic mostly back leggings designed to remain stylish while also offering maximum comfort preventing any distractions caused by irritation;
* Tight thick fabric that wraps around the body to draw attention to the thighs, waist, and legs while also remaining thin enough to still move around in;
* Lightweight to wear allowing maximum flexibility so you can stretch without worry or wear and tear damage;
* Meshed stripes along the thighs allows air to flow to the body easier and keep you cool during a long workout so you don't get overheated;
* Fabric designed to prevents chafing, rubbing, and pinching;
* Composition made with 85% polyamide and 15% elastane.
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