Brazilian Super Hot Leggings Pilates Emana Caju Brasil


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* The Emana fabric leggings were made for two reasons: to make every workout awesome, and to catch every single eye during those workouts
* Bright pink and flashy for when you want everyone to know how hard you are working
* Long open piping down the legs creates length and airflow to keep you cool during the most intense pilates cycles
* Mid-high waist for the best balance between movement and stability through pilates, yoga, or cardio
* EMANA fabric is an intelligent thread bioactive crystals that combines science and technology to innovate and promote special care to your body. Benefits of EMANA fabric:
- It reduces apperance of cellulite
- It reduces muscle fatigue and improves sports performance
- It offers extreme comfort and well-being
- It increases skin elasticity
* Crafted from 88% polyamide and 12% elastane
* Made in Brazil
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