Teddy Bodysuits

Did you know that before reaching what we know today, teddies and bodysuits were models that solely nobles and rich women could use, and it was only in 1950 that it became more popular and was mass-produced?  

There are so many variations of this piece that I came here to explain to you a little more about the existing models and how to wear them. 

Before helping you choose which one will be ideal  for your body I will tell you about which bodies and teddies we have on the market.

Teddies bodysuits have always been pieces that have highlighted the sensuality of women and nowadays this lingerie can even be used as an ordinary outfit and not just lingerie.

Bodysuit with Neckline on the back

In addition to being very charming and unmarked on the body, it is necessary to consider the details.  If you don’t like to wear invisible bras or with no straps, it is essential to pay attention to the fabric.  Give preference to the one with greater support or double lining.   Despite this issue, the bodysuits with necklines on the back brought these pieces into the fashion spotlight again.   Also, these models provide a very special charm in the composition of an outfit and will look beautiful when used with denim shorts.


Body shapers 

The ideal would be to own 2 or 3 different models, so you can have a variety to choose from and combine with your day to day outfits. Don’t go crazy on the sizing, don’t think you need to get the smallest one, it can be harmful to squeeze yourself into something that was not made for you.  Before buying your body shaper you need to know which part of your body bothers you, choose the one that shapes, and reduces measurements that match with what you want.


Transparent bodysuits 

These bodysuits have attracted the most attention for their sensuality.  It is the choice of ‘e girls’ for famous music festivals, as they have this kind of “boho” vibe.  The lace is most seen in the necklines on the bust, leaving, in most cases, part of the breasts and tummy exposed.  Transparent bodysuits go well with many combinations of shorts and skirts, and all types of shoes.


 These models are also very versatile and can be used on more formal occasions with: 

 - Long sleeve

 - Thin strap sleeves 


Patterned bodysuits 

The printed bodysuit models are the most requested by women today.  The jaguar bodysuit is among the most successful, as well as other models with animal prints.  We cannot forget about stripes, floral, and geometric shapes.  There’s a print for all tastes and styles, the important thing is to know how to combine well, with clothing of neutral tones.


Bodysuits with long sleeve

 Body with long sleeves is a great option for colder days and can be a great ally when composing a more sophisticated look.   In addition to elongating the silhouette, adjusting the female body, being able to use it with pants, shorts, boots, heels, long skirts, pencil, or midi.  If it cools a little more it can be complemented with jackets, overcoats, or cardigans.


Plain bodysuits

They are indispensable in any wardrobe,  it makes the composition of any outfit easy.   Wild and classy, the bodysuit with solid colors opens a possibility to be used in different places without a chance for mistakes.  In this case, you can use with pants, skirts, and shorts matching with sneakers, flat shoes, heels, and boots.  The bottom can vary between jeans and more elaborate fabrics, it really is all up to you.


Lace Bodysuits

 Laced models are not only beautiful, they enhance the sensuality and mystery on all women which is very welcomed on occasions that you’re with your partner, or even on more formal events.  For some time now, lace has been invading urban looks, especially when it comes to evening events.  Therefore, the preference for darker tones, combined with pantaloons, shorts, heels, or even sneakers.  Jackets can also integrate a more relaxed look.

All of these models can be used as a common garment and simpler lingerie.  So now let's talk about teddies and bodysuits that can be used as sexier lingerie, creating a hotter vibe and spicing up the couple's relationship.


Teddy nightwear

The honeymoon is a very important moment for any couple, so it is necessary to think with great care and dedication about which is the perfect lingerie for one of the most special nights of a couple's life.  In order not to make a mistake in choosing the pieces, take into account the vibe, the destination, and the season.  Try to avoid models that you have used on a daily basis, look for a piece that you never thought to use.


INNOVATE!   After all, it's your honeymoon.


If you intend to wear teddies and bodysuits that day, my tip is: go for teddies with laces, look for pieces that have straps, and are also transparent.  There is a variety of teddy nightwear, choose a different piece for each day of the week, measure the fabric, one day you can use a Teddy with the opening at the bottom, and the other one that is more lacy and mysterious.  Unleash your imagination and don't get stuck in anything.


Teddy corset

This model is a whole corselet, which means that in only one piece you have the corset and panties altogether.  A very famous style of the teddy corset is the ones that the playboy bunnies wear (which, by the way, is a great choice if you are looking for a piece to please your big guy since this lingerie is quite successful with men).


You can find Teddy corset with straps or strapless, both models are sexy and each one has its special pros.


When we talk about strapless Teddies you will find them usually in a solid color or material, that is, without lace or transparent fabric, but that does not mean that the piece loses its charm since this model is perfect for creating fantasies and fetishes.


The Teddy corset models with straps are more daring and you can find models that open in the breasts or with a very generous neckline, there are also models with straps on the side imitating panties.   When it comes to Teddy corset with straps, there are so many models that it’s almost impossible to name them all, so I’ll give you a tip if you’re looking for models like this: search online before you go shopping, you will surely find models innovators that will be bold, sexy and comfortable.


Lace teddies

This model is for you who are looking for a more comfortable piece without losing your sensuality since most of these models are a little larger at the back, but this does not make them less sexy since these models are transparent and flashy.

Lace teddies is that perfect model for who never wore this type of lingerie and who wants to surprise their special one since it makes you feel more confident, attractive, and powerful.


If you never gave a second thought when it came to spicing up a surprise, start with this Teddie and  I'm sure your boo will run out of the air when he sees you wearing it.


Basic bodysuit lingerie 

With this piece, you can put on jeans and use the bodysuit as a top to go out at night.


This model is extremely sexy and you can find several variations of it and this allows you to be more and more creative with your outfits, if you wear it for a date it will most definitely drive your partner crazy and make then want you even more.


This model is very popular so it will not be difficult to find the perfect piece for you, but I have a tip to make this task even easier: TRY IT!  The basic bodysuit lingerie more than any model should be tried before buying it, because it has some models that do not fit very well if you have large breasts, for example.  It is very important to feel the piece you are about to buy, after all, if the fabric is not comfortable you will only want to remove it right away if it is very comfortable you can make a performance and make the night even hotter.


It is always important to remember that regardless of the occasion or the reason you are buying the lingerie, the piece will be yours and you will always have it in your wardrobe, so buy something that in addition to pleasing your guy makes you feel powerful and sexy, that increases your confidence and your self-esteem, no matter the model of the piece or how daring it is if you feel good about it buy it.


If you want to please your boo don't be shy and ask him what he likes, show some pieces of different lingeries and colors so you will already know his preferences, and it will make it easier to just find a piece that is comfortable for you and sexy for him.

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