Sexy Panties

Sexy Panties: All you need to know about.


Panties were invented around the 1800s, but they really became popular in the following century. 


Nowadays, as panties are not just a piece of clothing, they became an essential that makes you more sensual, powerful, and sexy. 


Sexy Panties: Have you ever found yourself trying to choose from thousands of models but not being able to pick the perfect one for you? So you’re in the right place, today I’ll help you to find the BEST sexy panties of your life. You'll find interesting styles just as you do in Yandy, 3Wishes and Fashion Nova


Understanding your body

It is worth remembering that before choosing the perfect panties you need to know your body.  Basically, there are five types of the female body: rectangular, hourglass, oval, inverted triangle, and pear.  Each body has its ideal panties, but we have some models that are perfect for all body types.



Thinner on the sides and smaller in the back, this model is one of the most popular among panties, a thong is a versatile piece and can be used at any time for any occasion. There are tons of varieties of thongs, with laces, different straps, textures, and colors. If your goal is to be comfortable and sexy at the same time, a laced thong will do the job.



Close enough to thongs, these panties are very sexy and allow you to be more comfortable since the back is not just a thin strap.


It gives you more coverage and still fits beautifully accentuating your curves.

There are lots of them in the market and is one of the favorites among women.


String panties

It is very easy to confuse this model with thongs. Even though it is very similar when it comes to having almost no fabric, the String is indicated for those who have more hips.


Its sides are so thin that they can be called straps and on some models, these straps have size adjustment.  These panties are perfect for a sexier night with your boo and are great for defining your hip area.


Side tie panties

This model opens both sides and instead of fastenings, there are strings to tie.   This model is adjustable and can be found in one size.  These Panties are perfect for a special night or to surprise your partner with a hot performance. They are comfortable and cute and have a “bikini” feeling to it. If you like it, go for it.


Brazilian thongs

Brazilian thongs are smaller than the ones that we are used to, they are thin and sexy.   Brazilian women love them and are usually known for it. Before buying your first pair, I have some pro tips:


Start off buying a larger size.  Brazilian thongs can be really thin and it could annoy or even hurt If this is your first time using it, but no worries, they are worth it.


If you want to use it every day of the week,  prefer cotton or fabrics that promote ventilation, but if it’s just to spice things up here and there, you can adventure yourself with different textures and styles. 


Double string panties

This model is made with double fabric and has no stitching, it’s ideal for who seeks comfort and sensuality since these panties mold your glutes to its best shape. 

This model of underwear is great for tighter clothes and dresses.


G string

These panties are very sassy and sensual, they are usually more comfortable than thongs, allowing you to add more to your day to day wardrobe. You can wear these panties underneath a tight dress, or leggings, and still not have to worry about panties showing. 


G strings allow you to go through your day knowing that as soon as your clothes come off, you will be looking sexy and beautiful for your partner (and for yourself).


Laser-cut panties

These panties do not have a seam on the edge of the garment. Regular underwear has elastics on the edges and will often press against your skin. The laser-cut panties are perfect for you who seek comfort and description. 


With a huge variety ranging from colors to textures, these panties are perfect to boost your self-esteem while being comfortable on your own skin.


Boy shorts

I know what you're thinking! "there's nothing sexy about Boy shorts".


Sorry to break it to you, but you're wrong!  


Boy shorts are available in different fabrics, such as cotton, satin, and laces. You can explore the textures and find out how it looks on your body, but here's a quick spoiler: it shapes your booty to a heavenly sight. Boy-shorts can also be paired with tops and even corsets that will complete your look and make you feel your best.


Crotchless string

These panties are a little scary at first, but I promise you that it is one of the sexiest models on the market! Crotchless strings are panties with a wide opening at the bottom, showing your girly parts to the world and allowing you to feel sexy and powerful you in your body.


Men usually adore these panties, because it opens a whole new world of fetishes you both can explore in bed! 


ps: this is not a lingerie you should wear on a daily basis since the exposure of skin to other fabrics can irritate your epidermis, but a must to spice things up with your hubby.


Micro string

These panties are amazing when it comes to choosing a delicate, yet sexy shape to your body. You can use this model with gym leggings, satin dresses, and translucid baby-dolls without having a second thought or worry about panties showing. 


It is also incredibly sensual, and will definitely make you feel like a goddess. 


ps: be aware that they can be a little uncomfortable if you're not used to thong styled panties.


High-Waisted panties

Most women will think that high-waisted panties are a grandma trend! But that is far from the truth! High-waisted panties can be extremely sexy and shape your body and self-esteem. 


There are tons of colors and textures when it comes up to this model. Try looking for the style that matches your personality the best and rock those panties! 


ps: it is a great option for women that are not 100% secure with their bodies, and are trying to wear new and different things! it will for sure help you in the self-love journey.


Why do panties excite men?

For most men, panties are a sexual fantasy since their adolescence. Of course, there is a lot more to it, but there is no doubt that trying new styles and trends will surely drive your partner crazy. 


If you feel like things are a bit bland in bed, try wearing different panties and lingerie. Men are usually visual and adore fantasies with bolder dainties. 


If you are not so sure about it, hang on and I’ll give you some tips on how to drive your man mad by wearing sexy panties.


Men are delighted with sexy effort in bed. You can invest in beautiful models that value your body, increase your self-esteem, and raise your sex-appeal.


Not just the panties itself, but the confidence that enhances on you, will show when it’s time. 


Men love to see that you are confident in your skin and feel sexy being you. 

I can’t generalize, because everybody is different, but from research, I know that men usually have a tendency to like red, black and white lingerie. It’s just a common fetish.


So you can try looking for your favorite models in those colors and different textures. 


If you want to get out of the routine, try transparent panties, or flashy fishnets! In that way, even with the piece on you will be able to show your rocking body to your bae. 


More than 75% of men, enjoy seeing their partner with smaller panties. So try adding that to your lingerie drawer.


Don’t worry too much! And if you feel comfortable enough, ask your partner what panties he would like to see you in, that could arouse him into wanting to see you wearing them, and create a playful environment.


There are millions of different shapes, models, colors, and textures on the market! So don’t worry too much about which specific one you should get.


See what you have and what are your preferences. 

And girl, don't forget! Before being sexy for someone else, it’s important to feel sexy to YOURSELF.

Now go on and try new styles, look for what best matches your wardrobe, and don't be scared to look your best. 

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