Sexy Bras

The history of bras is linked to the development of the textile industry and to the fashion of clothing in 20th century capitalism. Since antiquity, women wore some type of clothing to be able to support their breasts, at least in the western world.

At the end of the Middle Ages, among women of the aristocracy, corsets were used, a garment that was very tight across the bust, also used for the aesthetic purpose of enhancing the breasts. However, such a piece was extremely uncomfortable and stifling.

Sexy Bras: To overcome these inconveniences, stylists from some countries started to develop new pieces that would be more pleasant for everyday use, at least for those who could pay for it. Later, the bra began to be popularized due to large-scale production, the need for greater comfort for women in their work and also due to technological advances in the production of fabrics.

Do bras cause health issues?

According to Jene Luciani, author of the book “The Bra Book”, she tells everything that every woman should know about this great ally.

The idea of a bra causing health problems has worried many women in the last 20 years, largely due to a study released in 1991, which stated that women who do not wear a bra have a lower risk of getting breast cancer than those who wear it.

They believed that a very tight underwear could compress the mammary glands and stimulate the production of toxins, but there is no scientific evidence to support this idea. This legend started to be propagated even with scientists saying that the big problem was, in fact, in the way some wear the piece and not in the actual lingerie.

Is there a correct way to wash bras?

Also according to Luciani, she says that for the sake of her underwear, it's good to include hand washing in your routine. The washing machine can crush the cup and stretch the bra straps and hot water can break the elasticity. However, if you still want to use the washing machine, the recommendation is to put it inside a mesh bag and wash it with cold water and mild detergent.

About washing frequency, you need to be a little more careful about this, as dirt and oil on the skin are absorbed by the garment and reduce its elasticity. So, it is recommended to wash as much as possible. Otherwise, it is best to reinforce the closet.

Types of Bra


This underwear helps to enlarge, shape and hold the breasts together. It looks good with low-cut and tight blouses, causing a very sexy effect.

The models vary a lot in terms of colors and materials, they can be in neon colors to be used with transparent t-shirts, or in more discreet and classic colors such as white, black, and nude.


It is a lingerie with well-spaced straps and a cup that covers only the lower half or 3/4 of the breasts, just above the nipples. One of its main differentials is its hoop, with or without bulge, which elevates the breasts and creates an appearance similar when wearing a corset.


This is a piece that does not have bulge, underwire or any type of rigid structure, yet it gives the breasts the necessary support with an extra dose of style and comfort.

You can combine the bralette with a t-shirt that shows off the piece, even partially. Bralettes also look amazing worn with half open and half-closed shirts. The lace itself already carries a sensual weight, in bralettes then, even more.


This type is great for when you want to wear that spaghetti strap top but don't want your lingerie straps to show. It leaves the shoulder area free as it doesn't contain straps and keeps you safe throughout the day.

Even without straps, this model offers a lot of security for the woman. It's specially reinforced on the sides, to give your breasts the support they need—regardless of the size of your bust—and keep them from falling out.

This bra fits anyone who has breasts that are out of proportion to the size of their back. Its straps are removable, and it can be used in different ways: traditional, crossed straps and halter top.


It is a type of underwear that is used to compress or support the bust during exercise. It helps by giving a feeling of security and comfort while playing high-impact or low-impact sports. It is often mistakenly believed that it must be as tight as possible to keep everything in place.

However, the reality is that they should feel comfortable and should be chosen according to the activity we will be doing, so that the sports bra will help maintain a correct posture, which is very important to avoid contractures, neck pain, pain lumbar problems and a malfunction of the diaphragm and other muscle injuries.


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