Babydoll Lingerie

Babydoll is a classic piece that appeared in England in 1756, probably in a more well-behaved and discreet version. For over 200 years, women wear this type of pajamas.

It was in the 1940s that the babydoll dress story officially began, when designer Sylvia Pedlar shortened the nightgowns of her underwear brand, Iris Lingerie, to above the knees, due to rationalization and scarcity of fabrics in 1942, during the Second World War.

By the 1960s, the babydoll dress was seen everywhere. Women wanted to visually express their liberation during the Second Wave of Feminism and therefore looked for clothing styles that were not too restrictive.

Babydoll Lingerie: This piece of lingerie began as a nightwear, undergoing remarkable transformations in the models, until it became much more than pajamas and conquered the fashion world as a synonym for women's liberation.

The high waist combined with the ultra-short length of the hem that the babydoll dress offered was the final articulation of the modern feminist statement which women were looking to make.

Sylvia Pedlar was a designer who understood women and how they wanted to look and even how they slept. Her designs may not seem extraordinary at first glance, but it’s important to remember that she has been a pioneer in lingerie for over 40 years, and many of her unique design elements are now commonplace.

Therefore, thanks to the lightweight lingerie fabrics, combined with playful details from the puffed sleeves to the bows, the nightgowns of the period reminded us of doll dresses.

Nowadays, the babydoll is a type of nightgown that usually comes with matching panties. It is a very sensual option, ideal for very special nights.

It is a comfortable piece of lingerie that enhances women's delicate curves, an also helps to improve self-esteem.

There are many models available, each one capable of pleasing all tastes and matching every moment. It can be combined with panties or even shorts. It's really cool if you are looking for a sensual, romantic, or delicate style.

Babydolls are also perfect for a good night's sleep and rest. This style of pajamas is one of the most desired of women, for being light, fresh, and beautiful. It is found in several fabrics, prints and colors, meeting the most varied styles and preferences. Even though it's a great option for all seasons, it's perfect for the hottest days.

How to choose a babydoll?


There are many factors which influence the moment of choosing, so here are some tips to support you on that:

- Black models are charming and discreet, matching women who are firm.

- White, thin pieces are perfect for women who like class and sophistication.

- Opened babydolls with pink accents are alluring and elegant, as well as very feminine and romantic.

- Lace models are one of the sexiest on the market, able to highlight the most beautiful female curves.

- Transparent pieces make women who wear them still alluring and attractive, making perfect to be worn at special nights.

- Babydolls in satin are sophisticated and with a touch of unparalleled sensuality, especially when combined with lace in strategic places.

- Pieces with shorts are one of the most comfortable models, perfect for those lazy days. But there are also super sexy and daring models.

In addition to the tips above, it is also important to know which piece matches each type of body.

- Hourglass body: The shoulders and hips are the same size, and the waist is slim. If you have this type of body, go for models marked on the waist. Avoid straight cuts, choose models with a light fit.

- Rectangular body: The waist, hips and shoulders are practically the same size. Use marked pieces that create the illusion of a marked waist. Use pieces that enhance the lap, such as cleavage. Avoid wide models.

- Triangular body or pear: The hip is wider than the rest of the body. Choose pieces that draw attention to the upper part of your body and avoid those that mark the hips.

- Oval body: The waist region is aligned or longer than the hips. Choose models that have a v-neck, loose, with vertical details. Avoid models that are too wide or tube models.

- Inverted Triangle Body: The shoulders are longer than the rest of the body. Prefer models with deep and narrow necklines, so that the torso is lighter. Highlight your hips and legs.


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